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The Delta Epsilons is a group blog, and we try to incorporate as wide a spectrum of views as possible. Posts we write as a group will appear under the username “deltaepsilons” whereas other posts will represent the thoughts and ideas of a single contributor to our blog. With varying regularity, the following Rickoids will write blog entries:

In addition, we’ll try to have special guest posts every once in a while from Rickoids as well as non-Rickoids, so keep on reading the Delta Epsilons!


1. Amy Prager - July 15, 2009


I am an adult heavily into mathematical research. Can I join?

lumixedia - July 17, 2009

Hi Amy,

This is really intended to be an RSI 2009 alumni blog. We’re certainly interested in what you’d like to say, though. It’s very very easy to sign up on WordPress and set up your own blog, and if you do so we’d be happy to link to you. How does that sound?


2. Amy Prager - July 17, 2009

i’ll investigate that possibility. It is so gratifying to see young people so interested in math! It really is!

3. Tacie Moessner - July 20, 2009

Hi Delta Epsilons,

I hope you enjoying RSI. Please be sure to pick up a Davidson Fellows Scholarship brochure while you are there. We offer $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 scholarships. Akhil was a Davidson Fellow Laureate in 2008 and won a $50,000 scholarship! We welcome RSI students and if you will be under 18 as of October 1, 2010 please apply and spread the word!

Tacie Moessner
Davidson Fellows Program Manager

4. Barrack Obama - September 25, 2010

Young people need to join the military. It instills discipline and persistence. Register for the military now. You have been inducted into the US military. This is your final warning. If you fail to report for induction, we will take legal action against you.

Barrack Obama

Viju - April 25, 2011

at least you could spell his name right…

5. Charles Siegel - September 25, 2010

You guys get fascinating spam.

6. Anonymous - November 23, 2011

dude barack obama that was hilarious you rock

7. Ariel - February 9, 2014

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others being discussed or posted, participation expands, as does the
interest of the participants themselves. The Rockstar Diaries is an addicting blog because
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