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My new math blog: Climbing Mount Bourbaki November 16, 2009

Posted by Akhil Mathew in General.

I started a new mathematics blog at Climbing Mount Bourbaki.

Ultimately, as Steven observed in the comments yesterday, textbook-flavored posts–that is to say, those belonging to a long series on a given topic, aren’t quite what this blog is about.  In fact, I don’t think there has been much about “Mathematical research and problem-solving” as of late.  That said, I like doing such posts, and it helps me learn mathematics.  That’s why I started this new blath.

So, what do I plan to do here?  Of course, I’m still a contributor, though I probably will be less active than once-a-day.  I’m much less familiar with contest math-style problem-solving as some of the other contributors here.  At some point I will talk about my RSI project, but I’m still busy working on it.  Instead, I’ll probably aim to write more crisp, article-like posts that tell an interesting story without needing a whole series.  Those will appear here and on Climbing Mount Bourbaki.  The Bourbakist ones will be relegated to there.



1. Sumant Mukherjee - November 27, 2009

Hi Akhil,

I am new to the idea of algebraic geometry and actually overwhelmed by the amount of material and the abstract ness. Could u kindly tell me where to start.

I have a sound grounding in abstract algebra

Akhil Mathew - November 27, 2009

Unfortunately I’m too inexperienced to answer that, but I started a thread on this subject on MO some time back here, which got several responses and may be useful to you.

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